Clarie Dressmaking Model “Celine” PLUS

by Chrissie has some special offers for Dressmaking Models at the moment. So I decided to finally buy one.

The problem

is to find the right size. As I am a bit smaller around the bust but a bit more width is needed around the hip I decided to buy size “S”. Easier to add some width on the hips than to take some away around the bust.

The addon “Plus” stands for the wheels this doll has. I don’t want to carry the doll around so it’s pretty nice to have one on wheels.

Assembling the doll

was very easy. Just push the wheels onto the frame. A bit strength and some courage is needed!

The instructions came in english, so it was pretty simple to finish the job within a few minutes. The chalk hem marker is already attached onto the bar.


To finish there is just one screw to bolt. With the CyberTool from Victorinox (well proven Swiss-Quality!) a walk in the park.

The doll is light although stabel.  The small wheels to adjust the width and lenght of the body might just be a bit stronger. Anyhow the model still is solid after all my adjustments.


I had to try it out with a Tee I’v sewn before. I drew the pattern myself.

Quickly I realized what was wrong with my pattern.

The seams on the shoulder aren’t on the right spot. I will do some more alterations to the pattern.


I’m very happy with my new Dressmaker Model and I’m looking forward to work with it! Although there ist still a cover missing which I will sew by myself in the next days.

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