Daisies – Free Motion Quilting

by Chrissie

As a birthday gift for my fathers wife I’ve made a small quilt with lovely little daisies quilted in free motion.

The plan

As they have their wedding anniversary on the same day as her birthday it had to be a gift like for the both of them. While watching TV my father gets always cold feets, so a little quilt would be perfect to use as a blanket.


Free motion quilting

I know, it takes a lot of pratice to do some accurate free motion quilting. As I’m not really experienced, like not at all, I was looking for an easy design and a good explanation on youtube.

I’ve found a pretty good tutorial from Man Sewing : The Daisy-Chain. The explanations are clear and easy to follow. Although I really don’t have a lot of pratice I was able to follow the tutorial and it turned out really pretty.

What I realized is, that I was working too slowly at the beginning. Meaning, I had to adjust the speed of my sewing machine. The design was getting better at this point. But still, it is very difficult at the beginning to act fast and to turn the quilt in a smooth way. Don’t try to rush, although the machine is fast. That is my advice. And use a good pair of gloves with a grip on the fingertips. I’m using Machingers Quilting Gloves. They’re pretty useful.



A closer look to my daisies.


Have faith and courage!

Just have a little faith and courage in yourself and get started! It really is fun and even if the stitches aren’t as accurate as you would like them to be, it still looks great on the whole project.

Flower fabric: Kaffe Fassett

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