Exchange LED on an Elna Easycover

by Chrissie

How does one change the light-bulb of an Elna Easycover? Can I do this by myself?

I was wondering if I’d be able to exchange the sewing light of my Elna Easycover.  What disturbs me the most is that my Elna Easycover has kind of a yellowish light. I’d like to have a cold white light around 5500 kelvin in the best case.



First thoughts

Before I took a closer look at the light in my Elna Easycover I always assumed there had to be some kind of a light-bulb and a bulb-socket. I thought maybe a BA15d socket or an E14 like some sewing-machines usually do have. There are some with a bayonet-base, or a screwed socket (take a look at some of the different sockets that exist). I never thought the led-light would be soldered. But surprise, surprise, no bulb socket, just a light-emitting diode in a plastic holder.

I removed the light-emitting diode which leaves us with two wires.


Point of no Return

Did I mentioned I do not know much about electricity and my knowledge in soldering is rather poor?
No guarantee my tipps will work though!


Let’s get started!

For having enough space, I had to dismantle my Elna Easycover. Now that the light-emitting diode was removed it had to be done.

How this works I’ll show you. I took the pictures while putting the Elna Easycover together again. So, sometimes you’ll find pieces they’re already removed but it’s shown only in a further step how to remove them. Please don’t get confused about it!


Right side cover

There is one screw on the side, and two screws are on the bottom to remove.


Thread guide bar

Two screws to remove on the back of your machine.


Looper cover

Therefore you have to remove two screws on the bottom.

Be sure when mounting the looper cover again to slide the metal-piece below the two knobs. And then you can attach the looper cover on the bottom of your machine with two screws.


Extension table




Because the cover is made entirely from plastic, make sure you do remove this piece carefully. You can give it a light pull, but it requires a bit of an instinct.

First of all remove the two screws below the carrying handle.

And the the screws on the bottom.

Make sure your presser foot lifter doesn’t get in the way, when removing the backside, or attaching the backside again.


Removed parts


The plan I’ve had originally

I wanted to mount an LED-light-bulb. Well sometimes one should think before spending money…

Because I ignored the fact, that I do not have 230 volts in my wires which the bulb required, but only round about 6 volts (measured it with my voltmeter). So no reason to mount this light bulb. I had to exchange my yellowish light-emitting diode to a white one. And this is done whith soldering.


Not without soldering!

Altough I wanted to avoid soldering there wasn’t any way around it.

A miracle! Let there be light.

Make sure to attach the long leg (anode) to the plus, in our case the red wire, and the short leg (cathode) to the minus which is the black wire. Some more informations you’ll find here.


It is done!

Not really much more light, but I’m happy with the result. No yellowish light anymore!



If I’d like to have a light that covers a greater area I’d probably bring my Elna Easycover to my dealer. I suppose, bigger adjustments in the electric circuit would have to be made then.
Another possibility would be to attach an LED-strip to the machine, which is shown here. Or I could use an external light.


Last but not least

In my opinion Janome has found a great solution about the lightning-problem with the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9400 QCP (my future sewing-machine):

Janome Youtube (lenght: 30 seconds)

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