Hem knit-fabrics and jersey-knits with blind stitch

by Chrissie

Is there a possibility to hem knit-fabrics and jersey-knits with a serger and without a coverstitch-machine? Only in one step? Of course there is!


The Idea

Last week I’ve bought a Shirt at Tchibo. I loved the font “happy” on it and thought the seams were quite acceptable too. I only realized at home that the hems were done with a blind stitch and a serger. I’ve never seen this before. And as I’ve used the blind stitch once for curtains I already had the right sewing-foot. How convenient!



Blind stitch with a serger

In your manual you’ll find the description how to attach the sewing-foot onto your serger. I use the Brother Overlock 4234D.

For a blind stitch the fabric has to be folded on the backside. Make sure to give it a good press and take some pins to fix it before sewing. This helps. The screw on the sewing-foot has to be adjusted, so that the fold runs exactly along the plastic guide bar, as shown in the picture below.

What is really the coolest thing about this method: You can do two different ways of hems with a blind stitch. Meaning, the look of the blind stitch-hem can be changed after sewing the hem.


First method

You then have the possibility to sew the hem down, with one or two needles with an ordinary sewing-machine, if you wish. I’d reccomend it, it prevents the hem from folding down.


Second method


What’s the difference exept for the look?

After sewing the second method you want to tear on both fabric-pieces, left and right side of the hem, in opposite directions.  Then the vertical stitch appears on the front of your fabric. Try it out on a little piece of fabric first, maybe you’ll have to make a few adjustments for the tension (needle and looper). The basic adjustments for the blind stitch should be written in your manual as well.



Have fun!

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