Janome 15000 – Tapering Stitches

by Chrissie

If you have already upgraded your Janome Horizon Quilt Maker Memory Craft 15000 then maybe you´re interested what the feature “Tapering Stitches” is all about.

Tapering Stitches

On your homescreen you can choose the icon for tapering stitches.

Tapering Stitches

That´s a pretty cool feature because it allows you to sew some kind of corners.  For this example I´ve chosen a satin stitch. Of course you have a varity of other stitches too, to choose from.

Choose Stitch-Design

Angle and lenght of your design

If you select again the the icon below for tapering stitches this will allow you to choose the angle for your stitch and the lenght for the design too. You can also choose if you want the beginning and the ending to be different.

The lenght you can choose if you tap the “1,2,3” button.  You will be able to define your lenght for the design now. The numbers represent the unit you have chosen in your settings (centimeters or inches).

Choose angle and lenght

You can also save your design if you´re happy with it.

Isn´t this pretty?

The result looks very neat, almost as if it was embroidered, but in fact it´ it´s done in the Stitch-Mode.

Tapered Stitches 30

If you choose the 60°-angle and stitch tapering on both sites you get a different look.

Tapered Stitches 60


Like for ornamental stitches I´d always recommend to use a piece of stabilizer underneath your fabric.


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