Lemon Drop Dress

by Chrissie

The plan was to follow the sew-along from Tie Dye Diva Sewing Patterns which took place from the 12th until the 16th june in 2017.

The original Plan

Of course there were so much other projects I still had to finished, that I haven’t had time to finish my Lemon-Drop-Dress in time for the sew-along. But as the dress has been on my to-sew-list since months it was time to finally sew this georgeous dress. You’ll find the sewing pattern with pictures on Tie Dye Diva.

How to

Altough the sewing-pattern had lots of pictures too how to do it I still had some issues to understand it. After some time I finally found the solution and I was able to follow the steps.

The curvy piece is the front-piece and the the the other pieces are building the back of the top.


It is a great advantage if you have your little model near you. I had to shorten the straps a little bit, as I’ve chosen the next bigger size. I wanted to make sure, that the little girl could wear the enchanting dress for quite a while.

Ruffled seam

Of course there had to be a ruffled seam. I just love ruffled seams. The wonder-clips are just very useful to hold all in place.

Length of the dress

Somebody asked me on facebook which lenght I’ve choosen. Or precisely if this was the maxi-version of the pattern. No it wasn’t. I’ve just measured the lenght on the model itself and made some adjustments to the pattern. Easy as pie!




How to fasten it

The dress can be fastened with two little press-buttons.


Another Version for a pattern-hack: you could add ruffled sleeves or some lace onto the straps.


Fabrics: Makower Fabrics (strawberries), Andover Fabrics (fabric old rose)

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