by Chrissie

My anties birthday is soon. For this special occasion I’ve decided to sew a rainbow-quilt.

Why a rainbow-quilt in particulary?

In my opinion colors are very important in every ones live. And as my antie is having her 60th birthday it should always remember her of the love we got in our hearts for her. It should be a special and huge present for such a big birthday, right?

How to get started

I decided to purchase two jelly-rolls from Robert Kaufmann, “Kona Cotton, New bright Palette“. The colors are just incredible. I’m sure they’re glowing in the dark, if you just look very carefully.

For the batting I’ve used “Quilters Dream Cotton“, 100% cotton, queen-size which means 108″ x 93”. For the backside fabric I’ve chosen an organic cotton in crimson which is the favourite color of my antie. It’s a velvety knitted fabric so it feels very soft and comfortable. The idea behind this fabric is, you can use the warmer site in winter and the cooler site in summer. So you have a quilt for like four seasons.

Nothing but stripes!

You then want to sew all the stripes together just as they are sorted in those jelly rolls. Sew the stripes of the first roll together and then the stripes of the second jelly roll, appart from one another. Be careful not to mix up the order of the different colors of both jelly rolls. Once you have sewed all stripes together you put the two pieces together. Make sure, those seams in the middle are matching!


This time I’ve decided to quilt at the right and the left site of the seam with approx. 1/4″ distance (usually I stitch in the ditch). The threads however are my favourite brand: Madeira. I have a box which has lots of different colors of threads to choose from. I can also recommend the Madeira Decora No.12 which is a thread that has several colors in it. It looks very beautiful. The threads aren’t too cheap, but they’re definetly worth their price.

It is quite a challenge to stay on a straight path as the quilt is really large by now. You need a bit of muscle strenght to hold it tight. You can always use some gloves with grip on the fingertips. I think this helps a lot.

And here is the last seam I had to do. I was really happy by then.

The binding

First of all I sew the binding onto my quilt-top on the right site of the fabric with my sewing machine.

And that is how the corners are sewn by machine at the top of the quilt.

And yes, the’re will also be some stiching by hand, exactly 307,08″ long!

I’m a great fan of sewing my binding by hand at the back of my quilt. I like the neat look and I’ve got definetly more control over the seam as if I’d do it by machine.

Quite a challenge to sew all around this huge quilt by hand. It took me a good morning and yes, I’m still practicing and increasing the speed. By the way, I like white borders. In my opinion the colors are really poping out, if the border is white.


The size of the whole quilt is 87″ x 67″.


As every beautiful model the quilt should have it’s own fotoshooting. On a bright sunny morning I packed up my stuff and drove around looking for a pretty location. I think I ‘ve just found the perfect spot!


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