Simplicity 1461

by Chrissie

Apart from Quilts I love sewing clothes too. Especially historical costumes, although I never had the courage to do so. But what should I say, you have to start somewhere, right? With the  sewing pattern 1461 from Simplicity it is a small babystep into the right direction I’d say.


For this tunic I have chosen a medium weight fabric made from 50% cotton and 50% linen. The color is some kind of teal-ish difficult to show exactly on the pictures.

For the princess seams it is inevitable to work precise. Therefore basting is good advice.

Freestanding lace

I wanted to embroider the lace by myself. The important thing is to choose the right stabilizer. If it is written: “suitable for freestanding lace” then you can be sure to get the right one. Urban Threads has a small guideline on their website. I’d recommend Madeira Avalon Ultra, although this stabilizer may be a bit pricier then others.

Make sure the design of the lace isn’t to dense, after all it should be comfortable and not to stiff.

That’s the reason I carefully have chosen my designs. Both of them are from John Deer. The wider one is John Deer’s Embroidery Legacy, Lace from the Vault 12 Design nr. 3. For the smaller one i have chosen the design 10 from Vault 13 also by John Deer . They match pretty well because both of them have flowers in it.

Attaching the lace onto the tunic

Well, some of you would do this with the sewing machine. But in my opinion this has to be done by hand. You have much more control and you can hide the stitches better.  In the end the look is much more neat I promise!

Finished look

And there you have it, the finished tunic. I have to admit it did take a lot of time to sew it and to embroider the freestanding lace. But it was definetely worth it.

About the sewing pattern

I can only give the advice to check your measurements twice and also to take a good look at your shoulders. In my case the tunic fit the waist and hip but it was definitely a bit too large in the shoulders.

And for those who would like to see a picture with me wearing the tunic, there you go:

And don’t worry, there will be a thread soon about the quilt!

Special thanks to Tanja and Nadine for holding up the quilt so beautifully.

The freestanding lace was made with the Pfaff creative icon which I was allowed to test for three months thanks to nä

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