T-Shirt for toddlers with envelope neckline

by Chrissie

T-Shirt after sewing pattern (which I have changed slightly) from Schnabelina (free pattern in german).


It is a pitty, there wasn’t too much left from my fabric with the lovely blue swallows. The fabric comes from Tyglycka which is a company in Sweden. So I had to sew two pieces together in order to sew this little T-shirt. I made some adjustments to the sewing pattern. To cover the seam on the front I’ve used a ribbon which could be ironed onto the T-shirt (thanks Tanja!).

Below you’ll find the seam I’ve made for testing the adjustments on my coverlock. At the left a thread without brand. At the right side thread from Madeira (Decora No. 12) that changes its color. You can see, that the quality of the no-brand-thread is really bad.


I had some issues to sew a straight line. But I will get to it some day. It just takes some more practice.


If i sew an envelope neckline I secure the ends of my knit-strip first onto the farbric before I attach the sleeves.  If you have any advice how they get less bumpy, then leave a comment please.

A hammer?!

And not a good advice from Tanja:

If your seam gets too high because you’ve got different layers of fabric sewn together you can always use a hammer to hammer them down a bit before sewing with your coverlock machine. No kidding!

If your fabric is delicate, then I would suggest to use a little piece of fabric to cover the place where you want to hammer. I use a little hammer for such things from my  Scrapbook-Tools.


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