Tablecloth for Christmas

by Chrissie

A tutorial for a quick Christmas-tablecloth. Step-by-Step-Tutorial.

Is it already Christmas?

Not yet, but as this year my hubby and I are going to celebrate Christmas in a little cottage in the mountains in Austria, my family is coming for a visit a bit sooner. It’s always difficult to find a tablecloth who matches exactly my table, so this year I’ve decided to sew one myself.


For the tablecloth I’ve made you’ll need two fabrics. One solid and one with a pattern.

I’v used “Brilliant Christmas” by Stof SA, 44″ wide and for the solid the “Makower Linen Texture Mid Grey 1473” which is also 44″ wide. Now for the lenght I’ve used approx. 98.8″ from the solid. The store didn’t had enough from the patterned fabric, so I’ve decided to cut and sew the pieces together because the colors matched so well with the solid.

Let’s get started!

As my table is about 40″ wide the fabric wasn’t quite large enough. So the best solution is to cut your fabric in half and add some fabric in the middle.

Use some clamps on top before cutting. The fabric doesn’t move around anymore, and you’ll be able to cut it accurately in half.


I like it, when the design looks in the right direction for everyone sitting on the table. So I’ve cut multible stripes. I’ll do two rows and they will look each in the opposite direction.

You want to make sure, that your trees are matching. At least in every row. So fold the fabric until your design matches, pin some needles and sew the stripes together.

To neaten the fabric after sewing you can use your pining scissors.

And that’s what it looks like when both rows are sewed together.

Not sew the both rows together and make sure your seams are matching.

After this step you can sew the solid fabric onto the stripes.

For the corners I’ve decided to do mitered corners. You’ll find a very good tutorial here.




The seams you can leave folded.
And this is what it should look like in the end.

I’d strongly recommend to staple the fabric before sewing it all the way around.

Even if it’s a bit of additional work it is definitively worth it. Your fabric can’t move around too much if everything is fixed.

Razzle Dazzle Thread

Honestly, there are a few things one must know before using Razzle Dazzle from Superiors Thread. You’ve got to know how to change tension and stitch-lenght. Razzle Dazzle-Thread can only be used in your bobbin, because it’s a very thick thread. To wind your bobbin-spool you’ll find my very short tutorial here.


Tensions on my sewing-machine

Those were my adjustments on my Brother Innov-is 1250.

Top-Thread Tension

As my bobbin-thread was pretty loose, I’ve tried to get both tensions the same, so I’ve lowered the tension for my needle-thread.


The advantage of using the Razzle-Dazzle is that you’ll be sewing on the backside of your fabric. In this case you then see exactly where to sew. Use a regular thread for your needle.

If you need to wind another spool, carefully secure your thread onto the backside of your tablecloth.
Like so:
Before you start sewing make sure you’ve got your Razzle Dazzle prepared tot get going. Sometimes you’ll need a pair of tweezers in order to do so.

And these are my finished corners.

In the end I’ve decided to sew two additional lines in the middle of my tablecloth, to give it a nice clean finish.

Doesn’t this look pretty christmassy already?!


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